Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Hide your files and folders easily with this simple trick

Ever thought of hiding your important files and folders without having to spend much from your pocket or without using any applications

you could just use file/folder properties to hide them but how good are those methods ? People could easily find it out and do whatever they want with that old fashioned method.

Well,here i'm not going to give an exceptional solution to the problem but obviously better than the method i just mentioned above.By this method you can hide the files or folders with a bunch of codes and still hides the files like a pro. Just copy the codes and save it as .bat files and you are done

let's take a look.

The only requirements you need is  notepad and of course a Keyboard and some words..!

First step is open notepad.

Enter these

attrib +r +h +s "D:\any folder"                -      To hide a folder.
attrib +r +h +s "D:\any file.exe"         -           To hide a file.

After these, save the file as any name.bat . 

The file/folder has been disappeared !! .You can test the code on a sample file/folder.

Here is how the code works (for noobs)

attrib - i hope you know, it stands for attributes.
r - makes the file/ folder read only.
s - makes the it a system file.
h - used to make the file hidden.

Obviously, you can hide the files only using the code not having  -s. here attrib +r +h "D:\any folder".
this code also provides hiding facility but you can check that the file hidden by this method is detectable using enabling hidden files.

Where as in the first,the file/folder hidden cannot be found using search or by enabling "Show hidden files and folder".

So that's it. That's how you simply hide anything with a bunch of codes.

Hope you enjoyed !



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